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About Goodlife Retail Pharmacy

For the past decade, CFAO Healthcare has been actively pursuing a strategy of value-chain integration, first upstream with our entry into the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, and now downstream with the Goodlife transaction in March 2022.

Our key figures

March 2022: CFAO Healthcare Acquires 30% Stake in Goodlife.

  • 1st Pharmacy chain in East Africa
  • 1st multi-channel healthcare network
  • 127 Goodlife pharmacies
  • +2 million patients and clients

This is the first step towards establishing CFAO Healthcare as a major retail pharmacy player in Africa. By being an integrated operator across pharmaceutical manufacturing, wholesale, and retail distribution, we’ll be able to better serve our partners and, more importantly, African patients. Always with the same unwavering goal of contributing to the improvement of healthcare outcomes throughout the Continent.

Focus on innovation has enabled Goodlife to rapidly transform from a traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacy chain to an integrated, omnichannel health hub. Its holistic services include basic laboratory diagnostics and telemedicine services through key partnerships, loyalty programs, and a comprehensive digital platform. During the pandemic, it has also developed a digital e-commerce platform to better serve patients.