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Galenic Forms
GMP-Certified Production

About Propharmal

Propharmal manufactures, distributes, and promotes licensed pharmaceutical products on behalf of international pharmaceutical companies.

Given the need of the Algerian regulation, to manufacture locally, CFAO Healthcare has chosen to position itself as a pharmaceutical manufacturer through its acquired interest, in 2011, of Propharmal, an Algerian Pharmaceutical company involved in production since 2004.

The site of Propharmal located un Cheraga, in the western part of Algiers, has a 12,000 sq.m production area, featuring three workshops dedicated to different types of product:

  1. Liquids: syrups, solutions and suspensions
  2. Dry products: solid tablets and capsule
  3. Dry products: effervescent tablets.

The site also includes an 8000 sq.m area dedicated to the storage of components for production.

Since 2012, Propharmal has provided CFAO Healthcare with a production facility that complies with the highest standards, making it possible to meet the needs of international pharmaceutical laboratories through partnership agreements (licenses, manufacturing, etc.).